Management Consulting

Sagebrook Partners is led by a team with significant experience in operations, and the effectiveness of our management consulting work is directly related to that real-world exposure that has included the following roles:

  • CEO and other ‘C-Level’ positions managing growth, company sale, IPO, many rounds of equity & debt financing, and executive team recruitment and management. This experience combines decades of P&L responsibility and management of major areas of operations in healthcare, life sciences, technology and advanced materials, from early stage through maturity.
  • Managing business development and establishing strategic partnerships and joint ventures

In addition, our prior consulting experience includes case team management with a top-tier consulting firm (M&A, distribution, operations management), Senior Advisor for M&A to a Fortune 500 company, and a range of interim management roles.

Sagebrook also works with group of Practice Area Experts that broaden our base in a range of vertical and functional areas.

Our process begins with a balanced assessment of company prospects and then develops an individualized strategy to achieve management’s specific business goals. Our clients range from early stage companies looking for partnerships and capital to mature businesses that want to take their companies to the next level.

Strategic Advisory

A successful strategic plan is the basis for a company’s goal orientation, tactics and implementation. We help clients set and reassess their planning in the context of changing conditions & objectives, taking into account capital needs, team & operating strengths, and market opportunities. Business planning crystallizes the vision; implementation brings the vision to life, and employing a defined action plan is the only way to maximize growth potential and minimize business risk.

Sagebrook is performance-focused and results-driven. Whether the concentration is on developing or tweaking a business model, detailed budgeting, proforma analysis, or business plan execution, we are able to deliver manageable tasks for companies at any stage of their business. Other services include:

  • Executive management recruitment and assessment;
  • Operational, profit improvement consulting and project management;
  • Sales, marketing and brand development, as well as competitive research;
  • SEO, SEM, social media, and a range of online marketing services;
  • Risk management assessment


Growth & Implementation

Financial Advisory – As a result of our years in operating roles, we know equity and debt financing from all sides of the table. In addition, we have established a wide range of business and financial relationships in angel, venture and private equity circles that we are able to bring to bear on behalf of our clients.

First, we need to understand your current position working capital needs. A financing strategy is developed with goals for capital structure, taking into account immediate funding requirements and long-term growth objectives, anticipated dilution and – with debt – acceptable levels of financial risk. Company materials are put together that tell the story effectively, and we work with our clients – sometimes in the meeting itself and often behind the scenes – to present and best position the opportunity.

Related services include:

  • Working capital and cash management optimization;
  • Analysis of business metrics, financial performance, and capital structure
  • Review of financial budgeting and reporting processes, policies, and systems

Talk to us about your financial advisory needs. Engaging Sagebrook will deliver the following results:

1. Increase the likelihood of a successful financing or other strategic transaction
2. Reduce the time and cost of closing that financing or transaction
3. Improve valuation
4. Allow management to spend more of its time actually managing

Business Development, Partnerships – Developing and implementing strategies for business partnerships, JVs and strategic investment is an area of particular strength at Sagebrook. As CEO’s, we have managed this process for our own companies; we have held VP Business Development positions, and we have performed this function for a number of Sagebrook clients.

Effective biz dev efforts usually have these characteristics:

  • Always focus on partnerships or transaction efforts that further the company’s core strategy and mission
  • They are proactive; not reactive. Companies achieve consistently strong business development results by deciding where they want to go and who they want to work with before going down the road with any individual prospect
  • They look at the deal from the counterpoint’s perspective. The term “win-win” is often used but infrequently practiced. We are dealmakers, and we’ve learned over the years that establishing rapport and maintaining trust with the people across the table is the most important part the process
  • Include clear and regular communication with senior management. We set mutual expectations going into the business development process and make sure that those inevitable twists and turns are thought through together. No surprises!


Interim Management

Many companies experience the need for interim management, either during periods of transition or in growth stages when an experienced, full-time senior executive is not affordable. Over the years, we have filled CEO, CFO, General Manager and other roles for our clients either ourselves or through our business network.

For interim management, we provide what companies require most: energetic leadership, vision, deep experience, quick study, and the ability to deliver rapid results. Talk with us about your specific needs.